Kilawing Bituka ng Baboy

Kilawing Bituka ng Baboy is a boiled , then sauted pork intestine blended with soy sauce, vinegar, and pepper. Pulutan recipe, usually served with liquor.

Kilawing bituka ng Baboy Image

Kilawing Bituka Ingredients

  • Large Intestines of pork (bituka ng baboy)
  • Garlic; minced
  • Onion; sliced
  • Ginger; crushed
  • Long green chili peppers (siling haba)
  • Banana leaf (optional)

Kilawing Bituka Cooking Instructions

  1. Wash and mash the intestine with salt and banana leaf to get rid of the odor. Wash and clean very well, then boil intestine with ginger until tender. Cut into desired sizes.
  2. Saute garlic and onion.
  3. Add the intestines and saute using medium high heat until the intestines becomes tender.
  4. Lower heat, then blend with soy sauce, vinegar, and pepper according to taste.
  5. Garnish with long green chili pepper.
  6. Serve as pulutan-something to pick up when drinking a liquor.