Delicious Filipino Food Recipes




Origin and Influences of Filipino Recipes

The origin and influences of Filipino recipes has a colorful background in Philippine history. These delicious Filipino food recipes were a mixture of foreign cuisines that evolved over the passage of centuries. Philippine history narrates that in the past, foreign settles, traders, and missionaries brought with them their own recipes and unique ways of cooking. Century's old cooking potteries and culinary artifacts that was excavated in Central and Southern part of the Philippines are proof that the Arabs, Chinese, Indians, Malaysians, Thailanders, Indonesians, and other Asian neighbors came to the Philippine archipelago and shared their ways of cooking to the native Filipino people. These foreigners brought with them seasonings like soy sauce, fish sauce, bagoong, and curry. Filipino recipes like Adobo, Chicken Curry, Pancit, Chopsuey, Binagoongang Baboy, Dinengdeng, Lumpiang Shanghai, and Fresh Vegetable Spring Rolls are examples of recipes influenced by these foreigners.

Then came the Spaniards and they colonized the island for nearly four hundred years, beginning from 1521 to 1898. During their colony, they introduced sauteing with garlic and onion, the idea of adding tomato sauce to a dish, and use of chilis. Filipino food recipes like Afritada, Caldereta, Estopado, Escabeche, Lechon, Longanisa, Menudo, Pochero, Picadillo, Relleno, Torta, Tonico, Spaghetti, and Guisado are just examples of dishes introduced by the Spanish colonizer.

However, prior to the arrival of the foreigners and colonizer, the Filipino natives who are the Negritos and ancient Malayo-Polynesian of the Austronesians already had their own ways of cooking. Grilling, roasting, steaming and boiling were the cooking methods they used. Irrigation, rice cultivation, and the use of salt and citrus fruit juice were already a common knowledge in the society. Filipino food recipes like Dinakdakan, Kilawin, Dinengdeng, Inihaw na Isda, Papaitan, Bulalo, and Insarabasab are examples of the original Filipino recipes.